Vitamin Sea Brewery

We’ll cut to the chase: for the BEST beer on the South Shore (perhaps even Massachusetts), head to Vitamin Sea Brewing (VSB) Weymouth, MA. Located in an industrial park near routes 53 and 18, we simply cannot say enough about the beer at this place.

They specialize in juicy, hazy IPAs. Their flagship beer is Just Another T-Shirt Shop–get it if you can! But they are also good at their sours and stouts. Bonfire Beach Stories is a peanut butter chocolate stout that is to die for…and we don’t even drink stouts. Lately, they’ve been doing some amazing colabs with a bunch of solid breweries. No matter what, if their name is on it, it’s good. We’ve never had a bad VSB beer. Ever.

During COVID, the tap room is closed for in-house drinking, but you can still line up with the other faithfuls to bring your four-packs home. It’s always worth the wait. In normal times, VSB has indoor seating in their garage bays as well as a small outdoor seating area. Outside used to relatively kid friendly. (VSB provided a free juice box to kids–you just had to ask! Hopefully they continue this once the taproom re-opens!) To accompany the brews, VSB always had a solid line-up of food trucks on the premises. As an added bonus, VSB is literally next door to another brewery, Barrel House Z. Their beer is solid, but not in the same league as VSB. Still, it’s fun to walk next door and check out their selection (they often had food trucks as well).

VSB is super close to Torrey Bird Park or Wompatuck State Park (write-up coming soon!) so a trip to the brewery is easily combined with an outdoor adventure to justify the beer.

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