About Us

A Brother and Sister and Their Families

Sister’s Family

Easton residents. Hometown favorites: The Easton Town Forest and Borderland State Park, Langwater Farm, and Shoveltown Brewery!


Sebastian can tell you all about the US presidents. He loves gorillas, buffalo, and the incredible Hulk. His favorite place to hike is Ames Nowell State Park.


Adrian is an artist–he drew these caricatures of us all. He loves drawing, sculpting, digital art, and computer animation. His favorite place to hike is the Split Rock Trail at Borderland State Park.

Brother’s Family

Weymouth residents. Hometown favorites: Torrey Bird Sanctuary and Webb Memorial State Park, The Mad Hatter, and VitaminSea Brewery!


James is an avid reader and artist. Deal him in for Pokemon or any card game. His favorite place to hike is Ames Nowell State Park.


Alice holds her own with the boys in the family. She’s just as likely to hold your hand as to put you in your place! She’s creative, imaginative, and sweet. Her favorite place to hike is the Rockland Town Forest.

This cute thing is Lucy, our year-old Airedale Terrier. She has sass (as you can see) and is just beginning to hike with the SSFA family. At a whopping 90 pounds, she weighs more than three of the hiking children…Lucy enjoys chewing on bones, sticking her snout in the vacuum, snorting air from the hair dryer, and eating things she is not supposed to. Lucy is our family’s 4th Airedale over a 50-year period, and she’s by far our best and sweetest one yet.