Tips & Tricks

There are some of our favorite things to do before, during, and after hiking. To find out even more, download our free guide “Trail Tips & Tricks for Hiking with Kids” below.

Before you go…
  1. Schedule it
  2. Recruit Company
  3. Dress for the weather
  4. Do your research
While you’re out there…
  1. Look for walking sticks
  2. Climb boulders
  3. Make forts
  4. Document your hike
  5. Count something
  6. Throw rocks
  7. Plant a geocache
  8. Learn to read a map & use a compass
  9. Search for weird stuff
  10. Look for animal prints
After you’re done…
  1. Go for an after-hike treat
  2. Highlight the map
  3. Talk about your favorite part
  4. Share your photos, videos, etc.
  5. Plan your next adventure!

For even more tips and tricks,

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