WEYMOUTH – Sledding at Weston Park behind Tufts Library

Sledding at Weston Park

Hiking trails aren’t the only thing to do in the winter…

Weston Park, behind the Tufts Library in Weymouth, is perfect for sledding, especially with little ones. There is plenty of parking – the main library lot and a smaller, kind of hidden municipal lot off Franklin Street, a small side street right next to the library. Once the pandemic is over, there is access to bathrooms at the library (you know how cold weather makes you have to pee!)

This spot also has two decent sledding hills. The main hill that most folks use is right behind the library. You can’t miss it. It’s fairly steep, but not too high, which makes it fun but manageable. You won’t get tired from trudging back up a long hill. The second hill is behind the baseball field near the municipal parking lot. This hill is less steep and usually less crowded, but does have a fence at the bottom, so you have to be careful.

And now, some sledding etiquette…

Teach your kids how to be courteous sledders with these three tips:

  1. DO NOT CLIMB UP THE MIDDLE OF THE HILL… PEOPLE WANT TO SLED HERE. You can usually climb up the sides of a sledding hill.
  2. YOU DON’T LIVE IN A BUBBLE. PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR SURROUNDINGS. This goes for the kids and the parents. Show your kids how to keep their heads up and watch for incoming sledders who may not be able to control their trajectory. And as the parent, you need to watch your kids and give them the ol’ “LOOK OUT!” if someone’s closing in without their noticing. (AND REMIND THEM NOT TO CLIMB UP THE MIDDLE OF THE HILL!)
  3. GET OUT OF THE WAY! See tip #2. Teach your kids to clear out of the way once they reach the bottom of the hill. Assume someone waiting to go down the hill. Don’t dilly-dally at the bottom. Move! If you don’t, you might get knocked down by some oaf on a sled who’s tired of waiting (i.e. – me).

Following these three simple tips will ensure you have a fun day of sledding on the hills.

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