BRIDGEWATER – Stanley Iron Works Park

This lovely little park, tucked away in an unlikely place (near the Highway Department), makes a great spot for a picnic or a short walk. There is more here on these 12 acres than meets the eye–if you’re willing to explore a little.


93 High St.

Bridgewater, MA 02324

Parking is available at the Highway Department next to the park.


This is not really a hike, although there is a short loop with great views of the Town River and some fun, old, graffiti-covered buildings to look at.

Trail Map

P.I.N.T. Score

Rated on a scale of 1 (difficult/not good) to 5 (easy/awesome!)

P – Parking & Access – 4 (There is parking by the highway department)

I – Interest Level – 3 (For such a small space, there is a surprising amount to discover here if you take the time to look. Currently, there is one geocache on the property.)

N – Navigation – 5 (The only “trail” is so small, you can’t get lost unless you fall in the river)

T – Terrain – 4 (grass and dirt, but smooth and accessible with a jogging stroller)

The P.I.N.T. Score represents our opinions on this trail.  It reflects our experience, perception, and physical health.  Therefore, the scores are not intended to be expert advice, nor will they be accurate for everyone: we cannot judge what may or may not be appropriate for each individual’s different abilities.  Consult a physician or medical expert before attempting any new physical activity. Hiking contains inherent hazards, so hike at your own risk.  You should always make your own decisions about what level of physical activity is appropriate for you and your family. Weather and other factors may affect trail conditions. Remember, trail conditions may change suddenly and drastically at any time.


  1. The dam and the views of the Town River are really cool.

2. The Fish Ladder

3. The last remaining building

4. The loop trail and all its graffiti-covered surfaces



There is plenty to eat in Bridgewater. Enjoy a sit-down brunch at Greyhound Tavern. For a great cup of joe visit Restoration Coffee on the town Common. Juice Mill, also on the Common, serves–you guessed it–fresh pressed juices and smoothies. Just a tad farther away is J’s Flying Pizza; their bar pizza is legendary on the South Shore. For ice cream, we love Hanson Farm. While eating our treats, we visit the animals and shop at the farm stand. Bridgewater even has its own brewery, Black Hat Brew Works. The Aw Geez DIPA is our favorite!

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