LAKEVILLE – Betty’s Neck

Betty’s Neck is a beautiful property that snakes long the shores of Assawompset Pond (the largest natural body of fresh water in Massachusetts) from above–You’re high above the water while on the trail, and this provides some amazing views of the pond and the opposite shore. The trails also provide a challenging workout–the hills will get your heart pumping and your legs burning. We recommend hitting the white-blaze loop and the blue-blaze out-and-back trail, but if you can only do a short walk, prioritize the blue trail–it has the best views of Assawompset as well as an unmarked, narrow, single-track trail down to the pond so you can put your hand in the water and skip some rocks. If you’re lucky, you’ll spot a bald eagle; this area is known for them.



59 Long Point Rd.

Lakeville, MA 02347


Betty’s Neck took a bit more investigation and preparation than usual ahead of our trip. The maps of “Betty’s Neck” available online show the entire area around Assawompset Pond, not the hiking trails at Betty’s Neck themselves. We read up on how to get there, checked Google Maps, and then set out. The Bog Access Rd. is incredibly pot-holed and a treacherous ride (but worth it). We arrived at a dirt parking lot where there was a sign that said Betty’s Neck with an arrow pointing to a single-lane dirt road. It wasn’t clear whether we were supposed to park there or take the road. So, we parked and walked up–and discovered another parking lot for roughly 12-15 cars. So, when you see the Betty’s Neck sign, go up the road. From the parking lot, we went to the field and headed to the right, where you’ll see a big barn (the so-called “Peach Barn”) and a kiosk–with a very helpful map!!! We walked through the meadow to the white-blaze loop trail. About 2/3 around the white-blaze trail, you can pick up the out-and-back blue-blaze trail for a great view of the Assawompset Pond. We backtracked on the blue-blaze trail and headed right to pick up the white-blaze trail again. Almost immediately, we saw the field and were back to where we started. Our route was just about 3 miles long.

See image of Trail Map above.

P.I.N.T. Score

Rated on a scale of 1 (difficult/not good) to 5 (easy/awesome!)

P – Parking & Access – 3 (The upper lot near the trailhead holds about 12-15 cars, depending on how smart/strategic people are when they park. The lower area would hold another 3 cars, but it was unclear if parking was allowed there.)

I – Interest Level – 3 (The hills were steep, and there wasn’t a ton to look at besides the views of the water. But once we hit the end of the blue blaze trail and the kids took the path down to the water, they liked the property a lot more! Undoubtedly, a bald-eagle sighting would have also garnered Betty’s Neck a higher rating! )

N – Navigation – 4 (Because of the lack of an available map online, we were confused going in. But once we saw the map, it was easy to navigate. The trails are blazed, but the marks are fading in some spots.)

T – Terrain – 3 (The trails, for the most part, are wide with some obstacles like roots and a few rocks. But there are some steep hills here! You *could* do it with a stroller, but it would be very hard–we would not attempt it. You could, however, just do the loop around the big field with a stroller. )

The P.I.N.T. Score represents our opinions of this trail.  It reflects our experience, perception, and physical health.  Therefore, the scores are not intended to be expert advice, nor will they be accurate for everyone: we cannot judge what may or may not be appropriate for each individual’s different abilities.  Consult a physician or medical expert before attempting any new physical activity. Hiking contains inherent hazards, so hike at your own risk.  You should always make your own decisions about what level of physical activity is appropriate for you and your family. Weather and other factors may affect trail conditions. Remember, trail conditions may change suddenly and drastically at any time.


  1. The Peach Barn. This is of utmost interest because the kiosk has the map of the property! 🙂

2. The many views of Assawompset Pond. The vistas are expansive, plentiful, and beautiful.

And here are our pictures from the rest of the walk!

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