CAPE COD CANAL – Herring Run Recreation Area

Looking for an easy place to hike or ride your bikes with your kids? Why not try the Cape Cod Canal?

The Herring Run Recreation Area is easy to get to. Ttake the exit just before the Sagamore Bridge and head right. Follow the road a little ways and you’ll see the parking area on your left.

PEMBROKE – Pembroke High & Hobomock Elementary Trails

Not all hikes are a hit. This was a miss. However, there are several things that would have made it better. And that’s why we’re writing it up anyway! If you live close to the trail head (all the way at the end of Learning Lane near the baseball fields and tennis courts), it’s winter,Continue reading “PEMBROKE – Pembroke High & Hobomock Elementary Trails”

DEDHAM, MA – Wilson Mountain Reservation

Wilson Mountain is right off 128/93–it couldn’t be easier to find. This DCR property is a great alternative to Blue Hills, as it is far less busy and every bit as beautiful (although the summit is far less dramatic). Kids and adults alike will enjoy the variety of the terrain. There are plenty of beautifulContinue reading “DEDHAM, MA – Wilson Mountain Reservation”


Recently, Dan and Marilyn of e-Awakening.com discovered SSFA and reached out to us. Our pages share similar missions: to get people outdoors to foster a deeper appreciation for nature. We both hope that with this exposure to the natural world, people will be more likely to conserve resources, take care of Mother Earth, and preserve the beauty that we currently enjoy for future generations.

BROCKTON – Brockton Audubon Preserve

This is a nice, easy hike easily accessible from the highway (Route 24) and Brockton’s Westgate Mall. By itself, this hike is short and sweet, but you can add it to the nearby Stone Farm Conservation trails and make a longer loop out of it. You’re never very far from civilization on this walk; you’llContinue reading “BROCKTON – Brockton Audubon Preserve”

PEMBROKE – Willow Brook Farm Preserve

Willow Brook Farm Preserve is a fairly standard woodland trail with a few features that set it apart. There is a large open field in the middle, a high wooden tower with scenic views, and boardwalks and bridges over wet areas. There are two main loops (one is 1.1 miles, the other is 1.8 miles) that would be great options for children who are ready for a longer hike but might not be able to handle several miles. The only downside is the limited parking!

Free Programs to Get Kids in Nature

When you’re hiking with children, sometimes you need a little something extra to keep them motivated. We offer lots of tips and tricks to keep kids interested and entertained while on the trails, but there are plenty of organized challenges and programs for kids and families. Here are some fun activities you can do southContinue reading “Free Programs to Get Kids in Nature”

SHARON – Moose Hill Wildlife Sanctuary, Bluff Trail

This moderately difficult hike will appeal to experienced hikers and families with older kids because of the length (about 3 miles), gradual incline to the top of the Bluff Trail, and some steep inclines/declines along the way. We offer two options for this hike. The first we did with our kids, and the second weContinue reading “SHARON – Moose Hill Wildlife Sanctuary, Bluff Trail”

MARSHFIELD – Hoyt-Hall Preserve

Hoyt-Hall Preserve is a beautiful two-mile (ish) loop through 123 acres of land that is chalk full of history. Hundreds of years ago, the Wampanoag summered in this area. Governor Winslow received a land grant in the 1630s and started parceling the area out to settlers for farming. The English eventually dammed the water inContinue reading “MARSHFIELD – Hoyt-Hall Preserve”

TAUNTON – Massasoit State Park

Massasoit State Park’s 1200 acres are conveniently located close to Routes 24 and 495; getting here is easy. The park is large and sprawling, but for this particular hike we concentrated only on the Rico Trail, which is a roughly 2-mile loop near the main entrance parking lot. In the past, we’ve been mountain bikingContinue reading “TAUNTON – Massasoit State Park”