An Interview with Sarah Dennehy

Founder of Sarah Dennehy Photography

This spring I needed a photographer to take pictures of my boys. The first person I thought of was my dear friend and neighbor, Sarah Dennehy of Sarah Dennehy Photography.

Sarah is always my go-to photographer for family photos, but when I needed someone to help out with a blog post and be part of a collaboration with another local, woman-owned business (Merry Go Rounds consignment store in Easton) I knew Sarah was my person. I was so impressed by the quality of the clothing at Merry Go Rounds that I wanted to show people the outfits I found for my boys. I asked Sarah to take pictures of my twins in their “new” outfits. Then we wrote a South Shore Family Adventures blog post about the experience. Sarah did an amazing job capturing both the clothes AND my boys’ personalities for the blog post.

Sarah is a preschool teacher with years of experience working with kids. She is the BEST when it comes to working with children, putting them at ease, helping them have fun during a shoot, and capturing their spirit. My boys are not always easy to work with, but Sarah always brings out the best in them. Sarah is also great at capturing teens and adults: she does senior portraits, covers engagement proposals and all kinds of special occasions, and, recently, even took pictures of a couple on a blind date. Sarah is a consummate professional, but she’s also fun to work with. So, if you need a photographer for a special occasion or want to to take photos of someone special in your life, Sarah is the perfect person. SSFA cannot recommend her highly enough.

In case you can’t already tell, we adore Sarah. But in case you need even more convincing, here is a fun interview we did with her. You can truly feel her passion for photography and her desire to capture her subjects.

1. What drew you to photography as a hobby and then as a career?

I took a photography course in junior high using film! I enjoyed it then, but life got in the way. A few years ago, I started to take landscape photos, and I really enjoyed it! Then a friend asked me to take some photos of her adult children… I was hooked!

2. Where is your favorite spot for a photo shoot?

At this point I really don’t have a “favorite” spot.  How corny to say, but my “favorite” spot is anywhere I can create wonderful photos while families feel comfortable. I like a location where I have many options for my clients. I tend to move around the location to offer many different backgrounds to choose from.  But wherever I am, I do my best to keep the people as my priority in the scene–not the background.

3. What is your favorite season for taking pictures?

I have to say I love to see the different lines, shapes etc. that snow can make when it has fallen on something like a fence! I love the patterns and abstract designs it can make. When I’m taking pictures of people, I’d say maybe a chilly fall day so the pictures have comfy sweaters, warm hats, boots, and blankets! But I also like colorful spring flowers and the fun photo opportunities that arise while puddle jumping on a hot summer afternoon! Ok, I guess I don’t have a favorite season for photography! I like them all! 

4. What do you like to take pictures of in your free time?

I like photographing anything nautical, and I love detail shots, for example: the texture of a rusty chain, the rough and weathered look of a tattered rope, or lobster boats after a long day of hauling traps.

5. What has been your most memorable shoot?

My most memorable shoot was probably taking pictures of my friend’s 95 year old mother and his 102 year old father !! The love they had for each other…and the experiences of life–it was very powerful!  Sadly, his mom passed shortly thereafter. They were thrilled they had the photos!! 

6. What has been your most creative shoot?

My most creative shoots happen when I work with a model that lets me use totally random props like a funky scarf, fake butterflies, or a colorful lei to experiment and create insanely gorgeous portraits. 

7. What sets you apart from other photographers?

My ability to make people feel comfortable in front of the camera sets me apart! People often tell me they had FUN at my shoot! (I think no one expects photo shoots to actually be fun!!) Heck–if we can’t laugh at shoots, the smiles won’t be real, and it won’t BE fun.  I also take the time to get to know my clients. I feel this helps a lot to take the edge off and get rid of nerves!

8. What are some of the events/scenarios you’ve been asked to take pictures of?

I’ve taken pictures of just about everything. I’ve done modeling head shots, Doxie Day (dachshund event), automobiles, first communions, senior pictures, proposals, blind dates, family reunions, pets, rainbow bridge pets, cap and gown sessions, and weddings. I’ve also taken publicity/marketing photos for a perfume company, a handmade soap and bath salt business, and a metal fabrication company. I’m up for anything!

9. Why should people hire a professional photographer to take pictures?

1. So that THEY are in the pictures!  2. To have a portrait of their family that they are proud to hang up or display. 3. To have photos of that will “create memories that last”. ( My tag line!)

10. What would you like to take pictures of that you haven’t yet?

Hmmm… I would love to be able to interview and photograph older/elderly matriarchs of families.  There is so much history and there are so many memories that can be shared. This experience would leave a legacy and incredible photographs for the family for years to come. 

11. What do you love best about being a photographer?

I love the positive feedback that I have received from people, like when they say I did an amazing job or that I made them comfortable and gave them a boost in confidence! I also love that I get to meet new people. They are clients at first, but quickly become friends!

Thank you, Sarah, for your time and your insight!! We wish you Sarah Dennehy Photography the very best!

Please note: this is NOT a sponsored post! We just love Sarah and her work! All photos featured here are by the amazing Sarah!

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