N. ATTLEBORO/PLAINVILLE/MANSFIELD – World War I Memorial Park, An Unlikely Story Bookstore, and Flannel Cow Creamery

This combo is one of our favorites! These three things are close to each other and can easily occupy you and your family for a half or a whole day. World War I Memorial Park is a true gem. It’s *free* and, although popular, never insanely busy. It features a small “zoo” (for lack of a better word), two playgrounds (one for toddlers and one for bigger kids), a super long and fast slide, a huge sandbox, hiking trails, a lookout point with a great view, and a disc golf course. The park also has numerous porta potties throughout that are relatively clean. You could spend hours here! An Unlikely Story is a small bookstore owned by Jeff Kinney of Diary of a Wimpy Kid fame. His office is above the beautiful store, and if he’s around and you ask for him, rumor has it he will come down and say hello! After shopping, we head to Flannel Cow Creamery. The cute little shop is owned by teachers (which makes us partial to them since we are educators, too), and their ice cream never disappoints!



World War I Memorial Park

365 Elmwood St.

North Attleboro, MA 02760

An Unlikely Story

111 South St

Plainville, MA 02762

Flannel Cow Creamery

88 Chilson Ave.

Mansfield, MA 02048


We generally park at the bottom of World War I Memorial Park, near the animals. You can park in various places throughout the park, but if you park at the bottom of the hill when you are done (we finish with the playground at the top of the hill), you can walk downhill to the car and not uphill! 😉 We visit the animals first. Then we make our way to the huge slide and butterfly garden. There are some cool statues hidden around the garden, which is beautifully maintained. The kids tire themselves out climbing up the hill to the long slide, sliding down, and then running back up again. After the slide, we head to the playground. The giant sandbox near the playground doesn’t hold any appeal for them anymore, but that used to be a big draw when they were toddlers. After the playground, we check out the view from the gazebo across the road. If you want to hike a short distance, follow the road down. You’ll see a very small, almost hidden path across from the unicorn statue that leads to some short and easy trails. If you follow the road slightly further, you’ll see a sign for Balancing Rock, another landmark you can visit. There are longer trails located by Petti Field–we have yet to try these out, though!

Trail Map

An Unlikely Story is a special place! First of all, we love that it is an independent bookstore in a really nice building in a small town. We also love that it is owned by author Jeff Kinney who writes the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books. All the cousins love these books! We were not lucky enough to meet Mr. Kinney when we stopped in this time, but we are hopeful someday it will happen! 🙂 There is a nice cafe inside, an area with gift items like funky socks and bookmarks and such, and a great selection of children’s books. (The adult selection is great as well.) Make sure you look around the store–it’s decorated with lots of cool details (like brooms from Harry Potter!). You can also take your picture with a statue of Greg Heffley (the Wimpy Kid).

We’ve featured Flannel Cow Creamery before–and will continue to do so! The ice cream is delicious. It’s just down the road in Mansfield Center, a quick trip from the bookstore. Their limited-time ice cream flavors are amazing, and it’s worth the extra $1 to get the waffle cone…trust us!

P.I.N.T. Score

Rated on a scale of 1 (difficult/not good) to 5 (easy/awesome!)

For World War I Memorial Park:

P – Parking & Access – 5 (There is plenty of parking located throughout the park. If you can’t find a spot at the bottom, keep driving up the one-way road and park where you can!)

I – Interest Level – 5 (Our kids love this park, even as they get older. There is something for everyone)

N – Navigation – 5 (The map makes this place look huge, but it’s really pretty tiny and manageable. You really don’t need a map, although it would be helpful if you plan on hitting the hiking trails.)

T – Terrain – 5 (Because of the paved road, much of WWI Memorial Park is wheelchair and stroller accessible.)

The P.I.N.T. Score represents our opinions on this trail.  It reflects our experience, perception, and physical health.  Therefore, the scores are not intended to be expert advice, nor will they be accurate for everyone: we cannot judge what may or may not be appropriate for each individual’s different abilities.  Consult a physician or medical expert before attempting any new physical activity. Hiking contains inherent hazards, so hike at your own risk.  You should always make your own decisions about what level of physical activity is appropriate for you and your family. Weather and other factors may affect trail conditions. Remember, trail conditions may change suddenly and drastically at any time.


  1. The animals/zoo. There are goats, sheep, emus, pigs, deer, donkeys, rabbits, chickens…

2. Julia’s Garden/the long slide

3. The sandbox

4. The playground

5. The fire tower and the lookout point

6. The unicorn statue and dragonfly bench

7. The trails

8. An Unlikely Story

9. Flannel Cow Creamery

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