Geocaching is fun and easy, but it’s not the only outdoor game! Try these other activities to mix things up!

Letterboxing has been around for a while now. It was popular before Geocaching took off. Go tohttp://letterboxing.org/ learn more and get started, but there are other letterboxing sites as well (www.atlasquest.com). With letterboxing, you usually want to bring your own stamp, stamp pad, pen, and journal. When you find the box, you can stamp the log in the box with your own personal stamp, sign your name, and then stamp your journal with the stamp inside the letterbox. Be aware that people don’t always leave stamp pads in the box to avoid damage to the log–that’s why we suggest you bring your own supplies.

Another great adventure to do with your family are theSouth Shore Quests. They are essentially letterboxes, but they are organized every year, available from April to November, and there is an online and published guide for families.

For something truly special, check outThe World’s Biggest Marble Hunt. It started in 2016. People “lose” handmade marbles all over the US. You can search for marbles to “find” in the Facebook Group named The World’s Biggest Marble Hunt. Participants pay it forward by “losing” the marbles they find. While these are much fewer and farther between than geocaches and letterboxes, if you’re lucky enough to be near when one is “lost”, what a find you will score! Sure beats the plastic trinkets you find in geocaches! 😉

Lastly, there are numerous hunts organized by local parks and organizations. For example, every year at Heritage Gardens Aglow in Sandwich, they have a wooden reindeer hunt on the grounds. The Bradley Estate in Canton, managed by The Trustees, also has a holiday reindeer hunt as part of their walk-through. Right now in 2021, The Trustees also has apost-Christmas reindeer hunt running at a few of the properties they manage.

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