MARSHFIELD – Daniel Webster Wildlife Sanctuary

This trail is mostly mowed grass and boardwalks, making it completely stroller accessible. The beginning of the trail is also wheelchair accessible (see trail map).

The Fox Hill Trail and River walk are through a meadow and marshland, with no shade. You probably wouldn’t want to hike this trail in the middle of the day during the summer. So either come early or come late… or hike on an overcast day… or wait until spring or fall for cooler temperatures.

The trail is home to an abundance of wildlife, so bring binoculars if you have them. It’s a Mass Audubon property known for the bird watching. You’re likely to see a variety of bird species here.

STOUGHTON – Bird Conservation Area at Bradley Lessa Playground

Bird St. Conservation Area has miles of trails and lots of interesting things to do along the trail. The trail we hike in the video is just under 3 miles. There’s the added benefit of a nice playground and plenty of parking at the entrance.

COHASSET–Wompatuck State Park, Aaron River Reservoir

We access this gorgeous reservoir through a lesser-known entrance to this enormous, and enormously popular, state park. Wompatuck is filled with old, decommissioned bunkers that used to hold ammunition for the WWII and the Korean War. You can read more about the history of the park, and all the cool stuff visible around the 3,500Continue reading “COHASSET–Wompatuck State Park, Aaron River Reservoir”

HANOVER – Colby Phillips Trail at Hanover Greenway

“This property is diverse and inviting. Features include boardwalks, a bridge over Cushing Brook, an observation deck on Cushing Brook Marsh, and the historic West Hanover Cemetery, immediately adjacent to the southern terminus of the trail system.”

Read more at https://www.nsrwa.org/listing/colby-phillips-trails/

EASTON – Wheaton Farm

Located on Bay Rd., Wheaton is a popular weekend destination for families. At over 1200 acres, this is the largest contiguous conservation area in Easton. The most popular areas is a flat, wide loop, perfect for families with small children just starting to hike. You can add on various trails and other loops if you’re looking for more time outside and a longer distance.

EASTON – Town Pool/Flyaway Pond

Located right behind the Easton Town Pool on Lincoln St., this well-marked network of trails features plenty of parking, an uncrowded setting, and some interesting sights to see. You can easily add on to make the hike longer, if you wish.

WEYMOUTH – Torrey Bird Sanctuary

Located right behind Weymouth High School, this hidden trail features plenty of parking, varied terrain and interest level, and is just the right length for the whole family.


A scavenger hunt is a great and easy way to combine outdoor exercise and learning. There are literally thousands of scavenger hunt worksheets out there on Pinterest and blogs. They are often based on seasons (i.e. fall scavenger hunt featuring acorns, leaves, etc), but really can be designed around any theme. Use the Google Machine to search for some ready-made hunts or get creative and make your own!


Mass Audubon has a wonderful outdoor almanac that offers a month-by-month, play-by-play of outdoor activity. It offers ample suggestions of what to look for and explanations of what is happening in nature.https://www.massaudubon.org/learn/nature-wildlife/outdoor-almanac


Dissecting owl pellets seems to be a part of third or fourth grade curriculums around the country. Owl pellets are the undigestible and regurgitated parts of small animals that owls have eaten.