EASTON – NRT Sheep Pasture Scavenger Hunt

This is a great FREE event that was organized by local Girl Scout Reilly Clark. She designed a series of scavenger hunts for kids of all ages, ranging from easy to difficult. The hunts are a great combination of tasks related to nature as well as social-emotional/bonding questions to foster teamwork and group identity formation. You can access the scavenger hunts online here, or, for the time being, you can stop by the Ames Free Library in Easton and sign out an Adventure Pack that Reilly has put together. Each pack contains a laminated copy of the different scavenger hunts, field guide, magnifying glasses, tweezers, a compass, and hand sanitizer. (When you’re finished, you return the items to the library for the next group to use; there is no time limit, but a week or two seems reasonable.)

Sheep Pasture is a fun place to explore even without a task like a scavenger hunt, but this made our time there more focused. And, the kids learned a lot along the way!

For more information about Sheep Pasture and our favorite places to explore there, check out this post.

Here are some pictures from our hunt!

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