EASTON – Stonehill Nature Trail

This is a short (less than a mile), well-marked, fun trail through the woods that is super convenient. It’s a great place to introduce littles to hiking, although it would be treacherous with a jogging stroller (not impossible, just really hard). The trail is labeled with signposts along the way that educate about the natureContinue reading “EASTON – Stonehill Nature Trail”

EASTON – NRT Sheep Pasture

This place is one of our favorites. It’s an easily accessible, beautiful spot to have a picnic, see some animals, climb big rocks, visit the community gardens, sled (behind the old foundation), make forts out of sticks, and visit the “dragon” cave. It’s jam packed with things to do, but it’s a manageable size andContinue reading “EASTON – NRT Sheep Pasture”

EASTON – NRT Sheep Pasture Scavenger Hunt

This is a great FREE event that was organized by local Girl Scout Reilly Clark. She designed a series of scavenger hunts for kids of all ages, ranging from easy to difficult. The hunts are a great combination of tasks related to nature as well as social-emotional/bonding questions to foster teamwork and group identity formation.Continue reading “EASTON – NRT Sheep Pasture Scavenger Hunt”

EASTON – Borderland

Borderland State Park offers over 1800 acres of beautiful land in Easton and Sharon. The heart of the park is the Ames Mansion, built in 1910. Various movies have been filmed in the park/mansion, including Mermaids, Shutter Island, the 2015 Ghostbusters, and, most recently, Knives Out. Droves of disc golf players and dog walkers visitContinue reading “EASTON – Borderland”

EASTON–Clifford G. Grant Reservation/Easton Town Forest

A well-marked, 2.5mi loop trail accessible from the local high school, Oliver Ames, provides fun for the whole family. There are geocaches, bridges, and a playground at the start of the trail.

EASTON – Wheaton Farm

Located on Bay Rd., Wheaton is a popular weekend destination for families. At over 1200 acres, this is the largest contiguous conservation area in Easton. The most popular areas is a flat, wide loop, perfect for families with small children just starting to hike. You can add on various trails and other loops if you’re looking for more time outside and a longer distance.

EASTON – Town Pool/Flyaway Pond

Located right behind the Easton Town Pool on Lincoln St., this well-marked network of trails features plenty of parking, an uncrowded setting, and some interesting sights to see. You can easily add on to make the hike longer, if you wish.