Free Programs to Get Kids in Nature

When you’re hiking with children, sometimes you need a little something extra to keep them motivated. We offer lots of tips and tricks to keep kids interested and entertained while on the trails, but there are plenty of organized challenges and programs for kids and families. Here are some fun activities you can do southContinue reading “Free Programs to Get Kids in Nature”

MARSHFIELD – Mass Audubon’s North River Wildlife Sanctuary

North River Wildlife Sanctuary provides short, clearly marked, and well-maintained trails. The signage is excellent, both in terms of trail markers and learning stations that talk about the habitats, animals, and even the solar panels on the property. In general, Mass Audubon is also very conscious of accessibility: the trail we took could be doneContinue reading “MARSHFIELD – Mass Audubon’s North River Wildlife Sanctuary”

BROCKTON – Stone Farm

Stone Farm was a great find for our families–it’s a beautiful, well-labeled, interesting, easy-to-access spot in the city of Brockton near the Easton line. It proves that nature can be found even in urban areas. The Wildlands Trust/Brockton Audubon manages these 105 amazing acres that, surprisingly, were deserted on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon. We had the whole place to ourselves!