PEMBROKE – Willow Brook Farm Preserve

Willow Brook Farm Preserve is a fairly standard woodland trail with a few features that set it apart. There is a large open field in the middle, a high wooden tower with scenic views, and boardwalks and bridges over wet areas. There are two main loops (one is 1.1 miles, the other is 1.8 miles) that would be great options for children who are ready for a longer hike but might not be able to handle several miles. The only downside is the limited parking!

BROCKTON – Stone Farm

Stone Farm was a great find for our families–it’s a beautiful, well-labeled, interesting, easy-to-access spot in the city of Brockton near the Easton line. It proves that nature can be found even in urban areas. The Wildlands Trust/Brockton Audubon manages these 105 amazing acres that, surprisingly, were deserted on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon. We had the whole place to ourselves!