BOSTON – Commuter Boat, Rose Kennedy Greenway, & the North End

Taking the MBTA commuter boat from Hingham is one of our favorite ways to get into Boston in the summer. It’s not too expensive, parking is cheap (currently $2), and the boat in itself is part of the adventure. The ride to Boston is roughly 30 minutes, and the route provides views of Webb StateContinue reading “BOSTON – Commuter Boat, Rose Kennedy Greenway, & the North End”

COHASSET – Whitney and Thayer Woods

Whitney and Thayer Woods was a very pleasant surprise for us all. The two-mile, blue blaze trail that we chose to hike is 1. a piece of cake to navigate (as most Trustee’s properties tend to be), 2. easy to walk on with its wide gravel and hard-packed dirt trails, and 3. FUN. The trailContinue reading “COHASSET – Whitney and Thayer Woods”

COHASSET–Wompatuck State Park, Aaron River Reservoir

We access this gorgeous reservoir through a lesser-known entrance to this enormous, and enormously popular, state park. Wompatuck is filled with old, decommissioned bunkers that used to hold ammunition for the WWII and the Korean War. You can read more about the history of the park, and all the cool stuff visible around the 3,500Continue reading “COHASSET–Wompatuck State Park, Aaron River Reservoir”