The best way to get your kids to put their screens down is to do so yourself. This may be one of the most important things you can do. If you, as parents/guardians, model a great love and respect for the outdoors, your kids will see it. They may not immediately appreciate it, but they will absorb the culture. Even if they don’t become avid hikers themselves when they grow up, it will be part of their consciousness. They will know what to do if they do want to go hiking and take their own families. In our family, we go out and get hiking pretty much every weekend. But I also hike every weekend with a friend. My boys see this, and they understand that Mama also needs her time outdoors with her friend. Even my husband sees how important this is–I come back renewed and refreshed and re-centered–and we all benefit from my good mood. Nature is miraculous–it has amazing calming and healing qualities if you get out there. Prioritize time in nature in your life and show, don’t tell, your kids how important it really is.

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